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January 31, 2011

The featured artist’s house on Design Sponge today is filled to the brim with French Bulldogs!! It’s a dream come true!


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January 28, 2011

oh, it’s me again! I’m posing on my new chevron rug in this picture:

It’s my new kitchen lounger!


January 28, 2011

oh, look, it’s Gertrude and Meghan bundled up and sipping champagne to stay warm! We are trying to make the most of this freezing Maine winter!!



January 27, 2011

Dear Sad Mustache Dog:

Please don’t be sad anymore.



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January 26, 2011

Unicorn dog!!



January 26, 2011

This guy looks smart.

{found via Pinterest}


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January 25, 2011

I am crazy for anything pug this morning. I want to take a nap with this little wrinklebot:

{found via Pinterest}


January 25, 2011

LOVE this puggle!!!! He reminds me of my pal, Louie, who I see walking at Winslow park on the weekends!



January 24, 2011

More great doggie bookends!

{Urban Outfitters}

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January 21, 2011

This was sent to me last night by Aunt Alice and Cousin Iggy! Quite possibly THE BEST thing to EVER pop out of a suitcase!!!! I have a very serious crush!

{found via ffffound}


January 21, 2011


I found this handsome little man staring at me this morning on Design*Sponge. Adorable.


January 20, 2011

In love:

Can’t take how cute his little crossed legs are!


1.19.11 five

January 19, 2011

Holy Cow (for the second time today!)

I think this MUST be the official Gertmobile! I always saw myself cruising in a Cooper Mini when I get my company car, but this little nugget is way cuter:

{pea car}


January 19, 2011

This just in from my best pal Lois’ humans:

Although we are currently frienemies (I wasn’t very nice to her recently because I got jealous), I still think she is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.


1.19.11 three

January 19, 2011

Holy cow! I am totally getting Meghan a pair of dog brass knuckles to up her Freeport street cred! These are amazing!


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January 19, 2011

Cute doggie illustrations by Jo Fallon. I think I might like to sit for a portrait.


January 19, 2011

More pet (and human) silhouette art fun and a fluffy gent in his amazing study. Just a couple examples of the amazing styling by Graham Moss on Desire to Inspire.

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January 18, 2011

How much do I want this cart to serve fro yo to all of my fuzzy pals!!!! I think it could be a nice compliment to my Woof Wagon.

{found here}

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January 18, 2011

Love the doggie art in this room:

{via Carrie Can}


January 18, 2011

Oh boy! This could be my look for 2011!!! I would totally need a little doggie magnifying glass too!



January 17, 2011

Adorable rug model for Gan:


January 14, 2011

love this balloon doggie so much!!

{found via Pinterest}


January 14, 2011

dog bed love:

{Desire to Inspire}


January 14, 2011


{found here.}

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January 13, 2011

Below are a couple of my cutest cookie customers ever. Their names are Tanner and Didi and they attend Emory University with cousin Sylvie. I am thinking about taking my first Pet Airlines flight this spring to meet them!!!