Good morning! It feels like Florida in Maine this morning. I kind of like it. I also kind of feel like a weird storm is coming and weird storms kind of scare me.

Here are my weekend photos:

(Only a few weeks left before the campers move into Winslow park, so I had to get lots of time in there and start saying goodbye to my off leash privileges. Very sad.)

This is me running around:

This is me contemplating the meaning of life:

This is me preparing to walk down a HUGE set of rickety stairs (I am a member of the Winslow Park erosion awareness club):

This is me almost chickening out:

because the stairs look like this:

And this is me playing in the water:

Because I am a lady, I won’t show the pictures of me barfing because I drank too much salty water.

And here are a couple more pretty pictures of my favorite hang out:

I love you Winslow Park! Thank you for being you.


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  1. 9.13.10 « Says:

    […] while I spent the summer pouting about not being able to hang off-leash at my fav Freeport spot, Winslow Park, I missed out on the amazingness that is is the Sayles Field and Woods Trails (part of the Freeport […]

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