So…IT’S OFFICIAL…I delivered my very first cookie order to L.L. Bean this morning! I am SOOOOO excited I can’t even take it! Meghan and Ben don’t want this to go to my head, but I am thinking that a little stand at the end of my driveway for autographs and photo ops sounds appropriately modest. Just kidding. Kind of. Yeah, not really.

Anyway, here are some more pics from latest baking session:

This is me guarding my cookies (I was very sad to see them go):

This is what they look like with their little hang tags (did I mention already that I am using awesome new biodegradable and compostable bags?):

This is Morty Von Squirrel (he is my favorite treat! He has more friends coming to the line soon!):

And this is me surrendering to a little nap:

I am pooped! I tried to stick it out to the end, but I didn’t last. Good night.


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