Happy Spring!!! I had an amazing weekend in the warm sunshine! Below are my pictures from Saturday. I spent the afternoon with my pals Curry and Taco at Winslow park! It was the best EVER! We all went for our first 2010 swim in the ocean! Well….Curry and Taco went for a swim and I waded in up to my chin until Meghan had a heart attack because I wasn’t in my HUGE neon orange life jacket and pretty much embarrassed me out of the water. She started yelling “No, you can’t swim! You’re special, you’re not like the other dogs! Come back!” She is totally overbearing and embarrassing! Anyway, it was still really fun!


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  1. Tahoe Says:

    Hi Gertie! Miss you! This was a really fun day, and you’re right…your human is a little overprotective with you but as we all know, you can get yourself into the most interesting “situations” (i.e. catching your Tahoe in my human’s deck boards!? Really?) Anyways, I heard this upcoming weekend is supposed to be GORGEOUS, so can we make another play date? My human will call your human…have a great week and stay dry (this weather stinks…I’m afraid I’ll melt away in this rain!)

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