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Good morning! I am back! I hurt my toe this weekend and I am now being a little bit of a diva. I hope you feel really bad for me. I am having one of my toenails removed tomorrow, which really messes with my ability to get a full mani pedi for spring. I am totally bummed. Anyway, I spent the weekend being carried around and having Ben and Meghan at my beck and call. All I have to do is whimper a little and they come running…with cookies! Having a hurt toe isn’t SO bad.

Anyway, I found this while lounging on the couch and surfing the web this morning:

Kind of LOVE it, kind of totally weirded out by it! It kind of reminds me of an astro dog! And that reminded me of these pictures I had seen a while back on the Molly Mutt blog:

Love space dog and his awesome cowboy pal! It also reminded me of Space Oddity and really has me considering the idea of making my own tribute video that I can send to David Bowie because I love him. That’s what’s going on with me today.

– Major Gert


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