It is rainy and gross out in Maine right now, so here is my imaginary outing kit. I am wearing my grumpy pants right now.

Grumpy pants imaginary outside adventure kit contains: 1. Doggie sleeping bag! I do not like cold toes! 2. Camo face paint. Featured is the Woodland Camo collection. Jungle Camo is a bit dark for my complection. 3. Field Notes. I just love these little notebooks. I have the memory of an elderly woodchuck, so I like to write things down! 4. Best Made Filla Bluster Ax. I will use this to compete in ax tossing competitions if I bump into any lumberjacks on my imaginary adventure. And the polka dots are totally me! 5. Audubon bird call. I will use this whistle to attract songbirds in case my ipod breaks down. 6. Houndstooth Dog Tent. Made out of biodegradable plastic, this little gem will keep me dry in the rain! 7. The Call of the Wild. This reading will make me feel vicious on my imaginary adventure! 8. Thermos. I will fill this with bacon water! 9. Wellies. Set of 4 please! These are a must in this rain!


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