Good morning and happy February!! I hope you had a great weekend!

Very exciting news about my aunt Alice this morning!!!! She has been selected for the CFDA Fashion Incubator! You can read more here. Yippppeeee! Congrats!! You are my idol!

This weekend, when I was not facedown in the couch or lost in Cannelle et Vanille (my favorite human food blog!), I was starting to think about Valentine’s day!

Here are a few suggestions for both hound and human:

1. Mast Brothers Chocolate 2. Puppy Glossy by Eero Aarnio 3. Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs 4. Hand in Hand Colorblock Mitten 5. Holiday Boa Sweater 6. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Bone 7. Gertie’s Peanut Butter Yogurt Delights 8. Nars Schiap Nail Polish 9. Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcake Mixes


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