Good morning! Sorry I have been MIA. This is what I have been doing over the past few days:

I think I learned a trick. Ok, it’s not a trick, but I am sitting up. It’s funny. Kind of.

I developed a new top secret cookie recipe for all my furry pals:

I will reveal what it is shortly! Some of my human buddies think they are yummy too!

I got to have TWO of my best freinds over, Curry and Taco! Their names make me hungry!! Look, they love snow just like me!!

This is me unwinding after my pals left:

Yes, I was reading US Weekly and licking the remote. Did I just hear someone call me trashy? Totally offended.

This is me having deep thoughts at Winslow Park:

And this is me now (I decided to refuse to get out of bed this morning):

I hope you are able to max and relax today too! It’s the best!


One Response to “”

  1. alice Says:

    OOOO, Gertie , you are so cute! This nap is well deserve after all the work you ve been doing!!!!!

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