January 11, 2010

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend!

I spent lots of time at one of my favorite places on the planet this weekend: Winslow Park! This is one of those places that makes me really happy to live in Maine!

Sorry, I know that was a lot of pics, but I really love it there! And I know I look like a total princess being carried in a couple of those, but I scraped one of my chubby little meat mitts on the ice and it kind of hurt.

I also spent the weekend dreaming of where I can hang this Scalamandre zebra wallpaper:

I have obsessed over this paper since Wes Anderson featured it in Margo Tenenbaum’s bedroom in The Royal Tenenbaums and recently saw it again in Elle Decor:

Scalamandre has re-released the paper (in 4 different colors I believe) and I have to have it!!! I am working on it now! I will sell myself on the streets if I have to! (not sure there is a big market for this in Freeport, Maine, but who knows) Yippee!!!

Actually, I think I was somewhat wall obsessed in general this weekend…on Friday I discovered sabbespot while making my daily stop at designspongeonline, which led me to a: obsess over this space at the RISD Museum of Art she posted:

and b: get really excited to have fun with contact paper! Here is her chevron wall:

I picked up a roll at home depot on Sunday for $6 and I am currently working on a project in my stairwell. So fun! I will reveal it soon! Stay tuned!


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