Happy 2010!! I am very sorry that I stepped away from my blog for so long. I got a little wrapped up in the holiday season and life in general! Here are some highlights from the past few weeks…

On December 21 I turned 3! My humans had a party for me in the car since that is my favorite place to be! It was SO fun!! We drove all around town with our heads out the window (even though it was really cold) and I got to go to the Dunkin Donuts drive thru to get a munchkin! This is me at the drive thru:

My love of munchkins is my dirty little secret, so I had to mask my identity in this picture. I get to have one about once a year and I usually go incognito as to not ruin my gourmet cookie empire.

I can’t believe I’m 3! It seems like just yesterday I was going to my first puppy romper room classes with my humans:

I experienced my first Freeport Christmas in December too, which I loved! Here are some of my decorations and me playing with my new chubby Santa ball (or just taking a nap with him):

I also took lots of toasty warm snoozes by the fireplace over the past few weeks and had recurring dreams of visiting a dude ranch with my best friend Lois….

2010 is going to be an amazing year!


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