Good morning!

So when I wasn’t doing this over the weekend:


I tested out my new pink halloween wig:


Moving forward, I will only refer to my humans as my captors. They are officially sick people put on this earth to humiliate me. Dogs are not meant to wear pink artificial hairpieces. If my paws weren’t so chubby, I would call the humane society to turn them in. I overheard my captors say that they are planning to make me wear the wig again in two weeks on a day they call Halloween. Last year I saw them torture a pumpkin and then put a candle in it. I fear this will happen to me too. Hmmm…actually now that I look at these wigs pics again, I think I look kind of foxy. I guess I could wear it one more time to impress that big poodle next door with the bouffant. I guess I take all that captor stuff back.

Oh, and one more thing…I have no clue where I found this pic, but it has been sitting on my desktop for about a year now and every time I open it I crack up! Enjoy:



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  1. Anonymous Says:

    […] was my Halloween costume! The model is from Numero Korea. I’m […]

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