Willard Beach and Halloween!


Halloween is in the air and I am getting excited! It turns out that I might not be a banana for Halloween. This is not official, but Meghan (my human) is complaining that her banana suit is too big (she is kind of creepy short) and since she wanted us all to be a bunch of bananas together, she is rethinking my costume. Annoying. I currently have the remnants of last years chicken suit, some wings from my old Bee costume and a pink wig. I refuse to go as a wuzzle. I guess my final look will be a big surprise. Maybe I will post some looks online before I commit.

If you are looking for a super fun party for Halloween, I highly recommend going to Willard Beach in South Portland to support the very nice people with the Share Willard Beach Organiztion. They are hosting a Howl-o-ween party for dogs and humans! Super fun! And guess who provided some yummy treats….ME! It will be a great event and hopefully they can prevent the town ordinance that would ban dogs from the beach! That would be very very sad.

And finally, don’t forget to hang your head out the window as much as possible this weekend when riding in the car. It is only getting colder and the humans will start getting stingy with the rolldowns! Enjoy! Happy Weekend!



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