Good morning!

Sorry that I am so late with my post event recaps from last weekend! I napped for few days because I was pretty tired! I had a lot of fun at Dog Day and at Paws for a Cause! Oh boy! We met Joyce from Downeast Dog News who is super nice and we met the great people behind Pack Life who told us all about their work with the Michael Vick dogs, we watched pups bob for hot dogs (similar to your bizarre human practice of bobbing for apples), we saw lots of puppy races, agility shows, and we even got to watch and participate in a K-9 police demo. The police dog attacked a man in a bite suit, he sniffed out bad guys and they even hid drugs in my car for the dog to find (yes, I drive a car! I am offended!). Overall, both events were super fun and supported great causes! We can’t wait to attend again next year!

Here are some pics from the weekend below.

This is my human mom (Meghan),  a big furry dog, and my aunt (Stephanie):


A few of our yummy samples:



Some of our amazing samplers:





My cousin Oscar (he just turned 1!!). Isn’t he handsome!!! He is one of my head cookie testers.


This is the police demonstration and that is the drug mobile in the background:


And this is a puppy race about to begin:



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