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September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Hello. It is Tues and I still love fall! This is only the third fall I have experienced in my short life, but I figure that dogs must get tired of things at 7 times the average rate of their humans. Not me though. Still going strong.

I have 2 comments this afternoon:

1. Thank you LL Bean for inventing the waterhog food mat! It makes my drinking problem less obvious! I used to flood the kitchen and get everyone’s socks wet. I didn’t really care because I choose to not wear socks (they’re weird). I highly recommend this life changing invention to any other waterhogs out there!


And speaking of drinking problems, I would also like to share this picture of me out on the high seas as a drunken sailor! I actually had a wonderful afternoon out on the water last weekend, but when I decided to take a nap in a weird position, the paparazzi photographed me. Not very nice! I was not actually drinking. I promise.



Happy Friday!

September 25, 2009

Hi! A couple things to report this morning!

1. I heard a really interesting story on NPR last night about dog fighting. This issue is very sad and the story shed some very interesting light on the origins of dog fighting (it all goes back to my canine ancestors in England), the different levels of dog fighting and the status involved in owning a winning dog or stud. Click here for the story.


2. I was very happy to see my pal Jefferson Perky on the dieline this morning! This is always my first online stop of the day (yes, I can use a computer! How do you think I write my own doggie blog?) and I was very excited to see that they selected his work to feature! He is amazingly talented! Here are his cool designs:


I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! The humans are going to either the Cumberland or the Common Ground fair this weekend and I am hoping to go for a long drive with my head out the window to smell the amazing fall air!

– Trudy Von Meatball

Good morning!

September 24, 2009

Sorry that I am so late with my post event recaps from last weekend! I napped for few days because I was pretty tired! I had a lot of fun at Dog Day and at Paws for a Cause! Oh boy! We met Joyce from Downeast Dog News who is super nice and we met the great people behind Pack Life who told us all about their work with the Michael Vick dogs, we watched pups bob for hot dogs (similar to your bizarre human practice of bobbing for apples), we saw lots of puppy races, agility shows, and we even got to watch and participate in a K-9 police demo. The police dog attacked a man in a bite suit, he sniffed out bad guys and they even hid drugs in my car for the dog to find (yes, I drive a car! I am offended!). Overall, both events were super fun and supported great causes! We can’t wait to attend again next year!

Here are some pics from the weekend below.

This is my human mom (Meghan),  a big furry dog, and my aunt (Stephanie):


A few of our yummy samples:



Some of our amazing samplers:





My cousin Oscar (he just turned 1!!). Isn’t he handsome!!! He is one of my head cookie testers.


This is the police demonstration and that is the drug mobile in the background:


And this is a puppy race about to begin:


Big Weekend of Fun!

September 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

Don’t forgot to come visit me this weekend at Dog Day 3 on Saturday in North Yarmouth and/or at Paws for a Cause on Sunday in Topsham! I am so excited to give away lots of yummy samples, make new friends and support 2 wonderful causes! I might even lick your face if you’re nice to me! Be sure to check back next week for lots of fun post-event pictures!

Peace out!

– The Trude

dog day


I smell fall!

September 16, 2009

Good morning!

Fall is in the air and I am tres excited! The leaves on my street are already changing and the air feels crisp and yummy on my nostrils. The second I smell fall, I start getting excited about Halloween, which is pretty much just the best holiday EVER! I am thinking about dressing up as a banana this year and I might get banana costumes for my humans too and we can all be a bunch of bananas! I can’t wait.

This morning, I prepped this very fun basket for the Opportunity Farm silent auction. They sound like really nice people who support a really great group of kids! I hope their auction goes well!


Happy Fall (almost)! Oh, I should update my website homepage today with some fun fall pics.

The Woof Report

September 15, 2009

Thanks for having us on Saturday, Woofstock! We had such a great time! Ok, well, my humans had a great time….this is how I spent my Saturday:

in bed

I’m kind of scared of the rain.

Anyway, they had a great time meeting Pam and Anita from the Creative Turtle! They told me all about how nice they both are and how amazing Pam’s painting are! They haven’t stopped talked about the pups that were there from the Lucky Pup Rescue and we are now in the process of becoming a foster family through their organization. I secretly hope we get to foster a chihuahua. I think they’re funny. They also got to see some agility competitions and flyball demonstrations. It all sounded pretty cool! Maybe this weekend I won’t be so lame. Maybe I’ll make an appearance at either Dog Day 3 or Paws for a Cause.

Here are a few adorable samplers from Woofstock (the very pretty Berner was at the Clam Festival too! I think I have a groupie!):







I would also like to take a minute before I sign off to send all of my positive energy out over the interweb to my cousin Iggy who had spinal surgery last week.


Poor little guy fell off the couch. He is doing very well and is already walking a full block (he is a very chic New York pup). The good news is that he already looks like Frankendog, so he won’t have to dress up this year for halloween (sorry Iggy, is it too soon for jokes?).

Oh gosh and one more thing…

My humans would like me to give a huge shout out to the Tripping Gnome Alpaca Farm in freeport. They went on a field trip there this weekend and had a LOT of fun looking at those funny little moonboot wearing fluff-balls! They highly recommend stopping in!  This one has a facial bouffant — Hilarious:


Woofstock Here We Come!

September 9, 2009

I can’t wait! The nice people at The Animal House allowed us join Woofstock 2009 as a late vendor entry. Below is some official information about the event. I hope to see lots of my furry pals there. Maybe we can all band together and form a sit-in to demand unlimited cookies and bacon! I can’t wait! Oh, and I will be entering a basket of goodies in the raffle too. So fun!