August 5, 2009

Hi! I’m back! I was on vaca for a week while my humans went to Vegas to celebrate my human grandfather’s 95th birthday (he is a real party animal). They think I was really sad (I had to humor them by doing a pathetic pant into the phone when they called me EVERYDAY from their trip), but really I had a great break from them!! My friends Taco and Annabelle came for a sleep over and then I got to go to their house. They are pretty funny. Taco lets me be her sidekick and Annabelle let me chase her around a little. She’s a fluffy little peanut.

Here are pictures of Taco and I on squirrel patrol (we took turns doing the day and evening shifts):



Annabelle waited on the floor for us to report down to her:


This is us napping:

DSCF0669taco sleeping

And this is me watching tv:


It was a pretty fun week overall! I did get my toenail stuck between some boards on my aunt Becky’s deck, but she brought me over to Dr. Temm’s office right away and he did a little procedure and put me on antibiotics — I’m feeling all better now. We went ahead and lied to my humans because they would have stressed out. I think this was for the best. I hope they go away again soon!


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