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I’m Back!

August 31, 2009

Look what I found waiting on my doorstep Friday night!

new kitchenaid

My new mixer! According to the nice people at KitchenAid, my mixing practices were a bit aggressive. They talked to me about toning things down to a lower setting and they sent me a brand new machine! Thanks KitchenAid! I promise I won’t burn out my engine this time! My little mitts sure are tired of doing things by paw!


August 24, 2009

My humans thought it would be “fun” this weekend to purchase  a set of Doggles for me. I love to ride in the car almost as much as I love squirrel hunting, but as soon as we go over 40 mph, I have to pull my head in. They thought this was the perfect solution.

This is me pre-doggles in the ready position:


This is me being publicly humiliated in my new eye wear:


and this is me hiding my face in the cup holder out of anger:

gert cup holder

August 19, 2009

August 19, 2009

Loving these Beds from Trixie + Peanut:


I think they would make great end tables for the humans too!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a good time today, click your paw on this youtube video. I might hire him next time I’m entertaining guests.

Stephanie’s Wedding

August 18, 2009


Sorry I was so busy last week. My aunt Stephanie got married. Below are a few pics from the big day:

The very pretty location:


The happy bride and groom:

screen-capture-28The bride:



Amy, my human mother (Meghan), and Margaret pre wedding:


My human grandfather (Big Mike) pre wedding:


And then in action on the dance floor:


My human father (Ben), my good buddy Ann, and my new uncle Shawn:


My human uncle (Paul) singing:


Iggy (the wedding dog) and my mom:


The officiant (Yikes! Not so sure this thing was legal):



August 11, 2009

Move over Edward Cullen, there’s a new man in town and his name is Koda! OMG! I can’t take it! Look at this adorable little man:


Koda is a dwarf mini horse who lives in Australia. He is about the size of a cat and his vet describes him as “everyone’s friend but he’s also got a very naughty streak”. He reminds me of me! Click here for more info on this special little guy.

Paws for a Cause!

August 7, 2009

Good morning!

I am very excited to announce that I will be at the Coastal Humane Society’s Paws for a Cause Annual Dog Walk on Sunday, September 20th from 9am to 1pm! I can’t wait! I will be selling cookies to help raise money for my adorable pals at the humane society (and probably trying to sneak a kitten or 2 into my doggie purse to take home with me).

Here is the official poster:


August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009

I have a confession to make. I am in love with Edward Cullen. I know, Twilight is for teens…who are human, but I am obsessed. I am currently reading book 4 and I wonder if I can have Edward’s love child too? It would be half vampire and half bulldog. Is that wrong? Are there other canines out there who understand me? Am I a freak? Will I never land my guest spot on Sharkey and Francesca’s blog that I dream about? If you can hear me Edward, I love you. You are a stone fox! I did a quick photoshop job to see what we would look like together. I think I am so much prettier than Bella and we have a lot in common…we both like to ride in the car, we both have big teeth…and I am sure there’s lots of other stuff too. Call me.


August 5, 2009

August 5, 2009

Hi! I’m back! I was on vaca for a week while my humans went to Vegas to celebrate my human grandfather’s 95th birthday (he is a real party animal). They think I was really sad (I had to humor them by doing a pathetic pant into the phone when they called me EVERYDAY from their trip), but really I had a great break from them!! My friends Taco and Annabelle came for a sleep over and then I got to go to their house. They are pretty funny. Taco lets me be her sidekick and Annabelle let me chase her around a little. She’s a fluffy little peanut.

Here are pictures of Taco and I on squirrel patrol (we took turns doing the day and evening shifts):



Annabelle waited on the floor for us to report down to her:


This is us napping:

DSCF0669taco sleeping

And this is me watching tv:


It was a pretty fun week overall! I did get my toenail stuck between some boards on my aunt Becky’s deck, but she brought me over to Dr. Temm’s office right away and he did a little procedure and put me on antibiotics — I’m feeling all better now. We went ahead and lied to my humans because they would have stressed out. I think this was for the best. I hope they go away again soon!