The Clam Report

THANK YOU to everyone who came to our tent at the Clam Festival (coworkers, our awesome pals and my favorite teacher, Julie, from Dances with Dogs, family, friends)!! We had a lot of fun!! Most importantly, I want to thank Becky (my human mother’s greatest friend since preschool who she now owes her life to!!!) for working the tent ALL weekend! We really could not have done it without you! And thank you Ben (my human dad) for baking and packaging and decorating and running around all weekend! You’re the best!

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

The Tent:


Some amazing pics taken by our trusty Clam Cam:


The above amazingness is Dusty! Pretty much speaks for himself. Totally amazing! He arrived in a dog Jogging stroller wearing Doggles. From his laced up sneaks to his leather belt, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Gertie’s Doggie Bakery hearts Dusty!

We can’t remember the name of this lovely gentleman, so we have named him champ (he is a champion show dog). Love Champy champ!!:


A few happy human samplers:


kid sampler 2

And a few more happy canine samplers:

bernboxercurrycuteDSCF0573ewokpupsamplersampler2sheep dogtyson

That last guy (Tyson!) was a bit of a water hog!

And just a couple more cute humans who we like who stopped by:


Thanks again everyone for being so nice to us and helping us get set up! And a big shout out to our new favorite designers: ! Can’t wait to buy some aprons at Blanche and Mimi!

Ok, back to squirrel detail:

squirrel detail


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