The Yarmouth Clam Festival


Today I am a little sleepy. I have been prepping for my booth at the Yarmouth Clam Festival (a couple links: and  rachel ray) for the past few weeks and I am now down to the wire (It starts this Friday, July 17th)! I am really excited–but I am nervous too. I don’t really know what to expect. My humans are a little frantic and the house is becoming wall-to-wall cookies. It’s torture! Here are some pics of the prep work:


This is me working:


And this is me on break:


I am playing with my favorite Planet Dog toy! It’s pink (my favorite color)! I got it when I failed my doggie obedience class at Happy Tails. All the other dogs passed, but I decided it would be fun to sit and not move for the entire test. The nice people at Happy Tails gave me this prize anyway so that I wouldn’t feel bad. They thought I was funny (I like them), even though I think I embarrassed my humans a little bit.  My stubborn nature is part of my charm!

Oh, and I hope you don’t judge me based on my chipping nail polish in these pictures. I got a mani-pedi a couple of weeks ago, but since I am not very lady-like, it’s now chipping and I’ve been told I look a little trashy. I guess I should hit the salon again before the Clam Festival!


2 Responses to “The Yarmouth Clam Festival”

  1. Tahoe Says:

    Hi Gertie! It’s Tahoe, one of your other favorite friends. I love your website and the blog. I’m so excited for the Clam Festival too – your cookies are so good, I be they’ll sell out! Well, I just had a walk on the beach with my mom and I’m beat. See you soon!! Woof

  2. Sammy Says:


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