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July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009

Even though I sleep in bed with my humans most of the time, I am in love with these dog beds from Scalawags:

bedsI would also like to share pictures of this amazing duo I came across on the The Animal Refuge League website today. They are up for adoption together because they are best friends! I love them!

Molly and Miss Raye copy


July 22, 2009

July 22, 2009

Hi! Gertie here.

Since I am so low to the ground, I am pretty into rugs (and flooring in general, I guess). So today, I want to share my current fav:


I am saving up all of my cookie money so that I can buy this for my crib’s living room floor! I am in love and it looks comfy for lounging!! Cool stuff like this makes me proud to be a Mainer! Here is the Angela Adams site so that you can drool a little more:

Have a great Wednesday and don’t forget about the Monument Square Farmer’s Market today! We are going to scout out some new ingredients there today.

Emo Buns and Jolly

July 21, 2009

Good morn
2 very adorable men to share with you this morning. Since it’s awkward when I respond to posts on, I have turned to (amazing site!) as an outlet for meeting interesting men and women. Today, I have a serious crush on Emo Bunny. He is dark, but I like him.


The other little fuzzy gent I want to share is Jolly:

Jolly Roger1

Jolly is a mini donkey who my human mother is obsessed with and dreams of meeting one day (she is DYING to get her very own mini donkey). Isn’t he cute!!

The Clam Report

July 20, 2009

THANK YOU to everyone who came to our tent at the Clam Festival (coworkers, our awesome pals and my favorite teacher, Julie, from Dances with Dogs, family, friends)!! We had a lot of fun!! Most importantly, I want to thank Becky (my human mother’s greatest friend since preschool who she now owes her life to!!!) for working the tent ALL weekend! We really could not have done it without you! And thank you Ben (my human dad) for baking and packaging and decorating and running around all weekend! You’re the best!

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

The Tent:


Some amazing pics taken by our trusty Clam Cam:


The above amazingness is Dusty! Pretty much speaks for himself. Totally amazing! He arrived in a dog Jogging stroller wearing Doggles. From his laced up sneaks to his leather belt, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Gertie’s Doggie Bakery hearts Dusty!

We can’t remember the name of this lovely gentleman, so we have named him champ (he is a champion show dog). Love Champy champ!!:


A few happy human samplers:


kid sampler 2

And a few more happy canine samplers:

bernboxercurrycuteDSCF0573ewokpupsamplersampler2sheep dogtyson

That last guy (Tyson!) was a bit of a water hog!

And just a couple more cute humans who we like who stopped by:


Thanks again everyone for being so nice to us and helping us get set up! And a big shout out to our new favorite designers: ! Can’t wait to buy some aprons at Blanche and Mimi!

Ok, back to squirrel detail:

squirrel detail

We have a problem Houston

July 15, 2009


As you can see, we ran into a little problem last night–our mixer died. Typically in times of adversity such as these, I turn to the words of Fighter by Christina Aguilera, but not even that could bring me back. I think I might have bad luck. I am calling my pals at Kitchen Aid today in the hopes of a secret fix it solution I missed when I was looking under the hood, but I think the old girl is gone. 2 days and a lot of hand mixing to go…

3 Days To Go

July 14, 2009

Good morning!

Since we only have 3 more days to go until our festival debut, I thought I would share some key motivational pieces with you.

The first is this handsome gentleman:


I look at him first thing every morning when I wake up (especially when I feel like I’ve lost my will to live — or bake).

And the second is this:


Every single cookie baked for the festival has been rolled out and packaged up to this album. It seems to be motivating my humans to work harder when they turn it up really loud, so I let them.

Back to work. I will check in tomorrow with our progress.

The Yarmouth Clam Festival

July 13, 2009


Today I am a little sleepy. I have been prepping for my booth at the Yarmouth Clam Festival (a couple links: and  rachel ray) for the past few weeks and I am now down to the wire (It starts this Friday, July 17th)! I am really excited–but I am nervous too. I don’t really know what to expect. My humans are a little frantic and the house is becoming wall-to-wall cookies. It’s torture! Here are some pics of the prep work:


This is me working:


And this is me on break:


I am playing with my favorite Planet Dog toy! It’s pink (my favorite color)! I got it when I failed my doggie obedience class at Happy Tails. All the other dogs passed, but I decided it would be fun to sit and not move for the entire test. The nice people at Happy Tails gave me this prize anyway so that I wouldn’t feel bad. They thought I was funny (I like them), even though I think I embarrassed my humans a little bit.  My stubborn nature is part of my charm!

Oh, and I hope you don’t judge me based on my chipping nail polish in these pictures. I got a mani-pedi a couple of weeks ago, but since I am not very lady-like, it’s now chipping and I’ve been told I look a little trashy. I guess I should hit the salon again before the Clam Festival!